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Learn the sake basics or even become
certified with our in person sake classes at the Sake Studies Center at Brooklyn Kura.

Weekly Classes
Study sake in our Taproom!  Join us weekly for fun and delicious sake tasting classes in our state-of-the-art facility.
Take your sake studies to the next level and become a Certified Sake Server. Level up your knowledge and skills in sake.
Our Brewery
Learn about sake where sake is made! Explore the sights, aromas and tastes of sake in our sake brewery, Brooklyn Kura.
Located in Brooklyn, New York

Why Become a Certified Sake Server?

Sake Service Skills

We’ll study sake glassware, serving etiquette, chilled and warm sake service as well as elegant pouring and presentation to the customer.

Food and Sake Pairings

Unlocking the secrets of pairing will help you sell more sake and create delicious and more memorable experiences for your guests! 

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Learn Inside of a Real Working
Sake Brewery!

Immerse yourself in the world of sake, where tradition and innovation converge to craft an exceptional Japanese elixir. From the fragrant rice-steaming process to the rhythmic sounds of fermentation, engage your senses and explore the inner workings of a bustling sake brewery.

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"Welcome to the Sake Studies Center at Brooklyn Kura! Our goal is to make your experience learning about sake fun and enriching. Join us!"
Timothy Sullivan, Director of Education